According to article 9/1/c. of Afyon Kocatepe University Quality Legistitation, quality assurance works in academic and administrative units are carried out by quality responsible. Quality responsible in academic and administrative units is appointed by the unit director from among the vice directors within the scope of the legislation. Each academic sub-units manager (department/program) assigns a quality ambassador among their members to carry out in quality assurance work in their department and to support the person who is quality responsible. According to this article, the quality responsible determined in the academic and administrative units are listed in the table below.


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Assoc. Prof.  Hakan Öztürk
Graduate School of Health Sciences Assoc. Prof.  Ruhi Türkmen
Graduate School of Social Sciences Assoc. Prof.  Koray Kasapoğlu
Bolvadin Faculty of Applied Sciences Assist. Prof. Fatih Bıyıklı
Faculty of Education Assoc. Prof. Eray Eğmir
Faculty of Science and Literature Assoc. Prof. Erdinç Dündar
Faculty of Fine Arts Assist. Prof. Sena Coşkun
Faculty of Law Assist. Prof. Hakan Kaşka
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Assist. Prof. Kerim Çınar
Faculty of Islamic Sciences Assist. Prof. Fatih Çakmak
Faculty of Engineering Assoc. Prof.  Gökhan Görhan
Faculty of Sports Sciences Assist. Prof. Mehmet Yıldız
Faculty of Tourism Assoc. Prof. Hasan Hüseyin Soybalı
Faculty of Technology Prof. Dr. Fatih Aksoy
Faculty of Veterinary Assoc. Prof.  Zeki Gürler
Dinar School of Applied Sciences Assist. Prof. Ömer Faruk Efe
State Conservatory Lecturer Fakı Can Yürük
Sandıklı School of Applied Sciences Assist. Prof. Hamdi Korkman
School of Foreign Languages Lecturer İlkin Özkal
Afyon Vocational School Lecturer Besim Maden
Başmakçı Vocational School Lecturer  Murat Mere
Bayat Vocational School Lecturer Murat Tekbaş
Bolvadin Vocational School Lecturer Gazi Adnan Yazıcı
Çay Vocational School Lecturer Erdoğan Özgür
Dazkırı Vocational School Lecturer Tolga Yücehan
Dinar Vocational School Lecturer Cemal Hakan Dikmen
Emirdağ Vocational School Lecturer Fatma Topuz Eryürük
İscehisar Vocational School Assist. Prof. Abdul Vahab Korkmaz
Sandıklı Vocational School Lecturer Yunus Yılan
Sinanpaşa Vocational School Assist. Prof. Sibel Kula Ölmez
Sultandağı Vocational School Lecturer İsa Han Çakmak
Şuhut Vocational School Lecturer Mehmet Akif Ağtaş
Distance Education Vocational School Assist. Prof. Ertuğrul Ergün
Scientific Research Projects Coordinatorship Süleyman Gürsoy
Farabi Exchange Program Coordinatorship Prof. Dr. İbrahim Hakkı Ciğerci
Occupational Health and Safety Unit Lecturer Yalçın Bostanoğlu
Vocational School Coordinatorship Prof. Dr. İbrahim Mutlu
Technology Transfer Office Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uygunoğlu
Foreign Language Support Lecturer Manolya Tuncer
Laboratory Animals Assist. Prof. Hasan Hüseyin Demirel
Earthquake Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Tiryakioğlu
Future Researchs Assist. Prof. Said Mahmut Çınar
Food Control
Entrepreneurship and Career Development Lecturer Emrah Bozkurt
İscehi̇sar Marble and Natural Stone Lecturer Liyaddin Yeşilkaya
Statistics, Operations and Actuarial Prof. Dr. Sinan Saraçlı
Occupational Health and Safety Training Research Assistant Mustafa Gürsoy
Geothermal and Mineral Resources Assist. Prof. Metin Bağcı
Women and Family Studies Research Assistant Songül Alkan
Kocatepe Great Offensive Assist. Prof. Ayşe Aydın
Sultan Divani
Continuing Education Assist. Prof. Ersan Mertgenç
Technology Assoc. Prof. Aytekin Hitit
Turkish Teaching Research Assistant Alper Günaydın
International Relations Assist. Prof. Günnur Peşmen
Distance Education Assoc. Prof.  Erhan Ünal
Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation Emine Hesna Kandır
Construction Materials Prof. Dr. Taner Kavas
Veterinary Health Assist. Prof. Ebubekir Yazıcı
Ataturk’s Principles and History Of The Revolutionary Lecturer Burak Ahmet Saka
Informatics Lecturer Hasan Akkoç
Turkish Language Lecturer Yavuz Özkul
Directorate of Information Technologies Ersin Aslan
Directorate of Strategy Development Hasan Fatih Çelikkaya
Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs Hasan Düzgün
Directorate of Student Affairs İbrahim Soğukpınar
Directorate of Construction Ali Hakan Yüksel
Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports Nesrin Gürsan
Directorate of  Personnel İlknur Uraz
Directorate of the University Library Fatma Çakır
Office of The Legal Counsellor Eren Kaya
Office of Media, Publications, and Public relations Lecturer Şerife Özgün Çıtak
Directorate for Revolving Fund Management Tuncer Seçkin
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