Afyon Kocatepe University aims to be a “regional development-oriented” university as a successful region choice. In this context, the priority areas specified in the strategic plan were determined as “Engineering and Technology”, “Thermal Tourism and Gastronomy”, and “Food, Animal Health, and Livestock” with the participation of stakeholders. The strategic aims and objectives regarding research included in the university’s strategic plan covering the years 2024-2028 are stated below:

Objective 2. Strengthening the process of transforming scientific research outputs into social and economic benefit

Goal 2.1. Increasing the capacity of researcher human resources to conduct innovative and qualified research

Goal 2.2. Supporting projects for priority areas of the region

Target 2.3. Encouraging and supporting stakeholders in entrepreneurship and innovation

Target 2.4. Increasing the quality and quantity of postgraduate programs

Under the management of the vice-rector responsible for research and development activities at the university, Institutes, Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit, Technology Transfer Office, Application and Research Centers, Zafer Teknopark A.Ş. Units such as these constitute the source of research activities.

Internal sourcing use is coordinated and expenditures are made by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination (BAPK) Unit in line with the relevant legislation. A large portion of the in-house resources allocated to research activities consists of shares allocated from master’s degree (secondary education without thesis) income and revolving fund income.

TÜBİTAK projects constitute the most important external research source at the University. The number of TÜBİTAK projects added in 2022 is 11, and the number of completed projects is 14. Based on project budget expenditures, the amount of non-University resources used in research and development activities in 2022 is 2.77 million TL; The amount of internal resources is 3.58 million TL and the total resource usage is 6.35 million TL. Accordingly, it is seen that outsourcing is 43,6%.

Sources 2020 2021 2022
Internal Sources Use (Million TL) BAPK 2,60 3,01 3,58
Outsourcing Use (Million TL)


0,82 0,94 2,77
Outsourcing Uses Rate %23,9 %23,7 %43,6
Note: The data in the table was obtained from the relevant pages of the Administration Activity Reports for 2020, 2021, and 2022. The outsourcing rate is calculated as the ratio of outsourcing used to the total sources used multiplied by one hundred.

The most important areas where research and development activities and education and training processes are integrated at our university are thesis projects supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit. To support interdisciplinary studies, assistant researchers from different fields are also included in the thesis project. 94 thesis projects were supported in 2022. Supported thesis studies can be accessed through this link.

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