The university has identified three main areas, namely “Thermal Tourism and Gastronomy,” “Veterinary Health,” and “Engineering and Technology,” in accordance with the regional development model and its own infrastructure, and included them in the strategic plan.

The university has adopted a management approach based on achieving goals. In this context, educational units, department presidencies, research centers, and coordinators have been enabled to determine goals and risks in line with the university’s strategic objectives. These goals are available on each unit’s website. While the realization level of university goals is monitored in the strategic plan, the process of monitoring unit goals is coordinated within the scope of the internal control action plan.

The Objectives and Goals of the University for the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan are as follows:

Objective 1: Provide student-centered education in accordance with international standards.

Goal 1.1: Continuously improve the quality of programs.

Goal 1.2: Enhance the teaching qualifications of academic staff.

Goal 1.3: Increase the international recognition of the university.

Goal 1.4: Educate graduates who are professionally competent and open to development.

Objective 2: Strengthen the process of converting scientific research outputs into societal and economic benefits.

Goal 2.1: Increase the capacity of innovative and qualified research by the research staff.

Goal 2.2: Support projects in the region’s priority areas.

Goal 2.3: Encourage and support stakeholders in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Goal 2.4: Improve the quality and quantity of postgraduate programs.

Objective 3: Provide applications and services that contribute to stakeholders.

Goal 3.1: Increase collaboration with external stakeholders.

Goal 3.2: Strengthen relationships with alumni.

Goal 3.3: Ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Goal 3.4: Increase the services offered to stakeholders.

Objective 4: Sustain Institutional Development.

Goal 4.1: Strengthen the management structure.

Goal 4.2: Strengthen human resources.

Goal 4.3: Strengthen financial resources.

Goal 4.4: Strengthen physical resources.

Goal 4.5: Strengthen technology and information infrastructure.

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