Research Development performance at the university is monitored by the Strategic Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Team. In this context, research and development performance is monitored through the Strategic Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Report prepared for the first six months of the year and the Administration Activity Report covering the entire year, and is improved by evaluating it with relevant stakeholders.

The realization rate of the research and development targets in the strategic plan in 2022 is 72.25%. The realization rates of the relevant targets for the last three years are presented in the table.


Table 1. Achievement Level of Research and Development Aims and Targets

Objectives and Goals 2020 2021 2022
A.2. Producing knowledge through scientific research and publications %75,75 %85,25 %72,25
H.2.1 Increasing the capacity of researcher human resources to conduct innovative and qualified research %90 %90 %38
H.2.2. To support projects in priority areas of our country and region %70 %100 %100
H.2.3. Encouraging and supporting stakeholders in entrepreneurship and innovation %43 %52 %56
H.2.4. Increasing the quality and quantity of graduate programs %100 %99 %95


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