In order to ensure the completion of the PDCA cycle, the internal quality assurance system is carried out within the framework of the Public Internal Control Standards Compliance Action Plan. The relevant action plan includes the actions and activities determined in line with the Public Internal Control Standard and General Conditions, the responsible unit or working group, output, and completion date. In addition, with the Quality Action Plan (QAP) prepared by the Quality Commission this year, actions were planned in areas open to improvement in the quality assurance system. KEP includes the headings of envisaged actions, responsible units, units to be cooperated with, outputs, completion date, and control frequency. QAP will begin to be implemented after the Rectorate’s Approval.


Action Plan for Compliance with Public Internal Control Standards (2022)

Quality Action Plan

Leadership, Governance, and Quality Action Plan (Draft)

Education and Teaching Action Plan (Draft)

Research and Development Action Plan (Draft)

Social Contribution Action Plan (Draft)

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